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Why Should I Have a Server for my Business?

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The server is the heart of a business’s computer system. It is the keeper of all the business’s computer information. Unlike a desktop PC, a server is created to manage, store, process and send data at all times, 24 hours a day. A server is an entirely different animal than a PC and needs to be more reliable and hardy than a computer making it essential to businesses that have more than a few users on a network. Two common types of servers that small businesses benefit from include “File Servers” and “Back Up Servers”. File Servers make sharing files between computer stations infinitely easier than sharing via “peer to peer” networks as the information is centrally located and accessible to all work stations. In addition, through central security, information can be made available to management and key personnel. This gives business owners more control over how information is used and prevents performance problems caused by firewalls and viruses that are common in “peer to peer” networks. Back up servers provide local storage of important data and significantly increase the amount of available space for such data.

Most small businesses are using servers to ensure that their programs and networks are up to date and operating securely. Servers can be monitored at all times which allows for early detection of issues and prevention of technical problems that can interfere with work. Keeping servers onsite is beneficial in the following ways: It allows businesses to maintain control of their data rather than turning it over to 3rd party companies. No internet connection is needed to access data. In-house computing systems allow for the safekeeping of intellectual property unlike shared cloud networks increasing security. Finally, they can be more cost effective for small to mid-sized companies.

Installing a server might seem like a big investment for a small company but IT firms are partnering with small businesses to set up and maintain servers with affordable maintenance plans. Overall, the benefits of a smooth running network far outweigh the costs of setting it up. Trusted Tek provides expert set up and maintenance of servers for businesses of all sizes. Serving Pompano Beach, as well as the rest of Southeast Florida, they can install server systems or help maintain existing ones.

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